Performance Gap Indicator

The #1 employee survey assessment to analyze company-wide performance across 5 core Non-Financial KPIs.

Gap Indicator

The #1 employee survey assessment to analyze company-wide performance across 5 core Non-Financial KPIs.

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Performance Gap Indicator is not just your average corporate culture assessment.

This Is Not Just Another Culture Assessment

Performance Gap IndicatorTM (PGI) is the first company-wide performance assessment of its kind.

Unlike corporate culture surveys and employee engagement assessments, PGI gives you performance analytics for the entire company.

With PGI, you can finally capture the performance perceptions of every single employee with one easy-to-administer, easy-to-understand assessment.

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Company-Wide Performance Data from Every Employee

PGI’s mobile-friendly, 45-question survey captures authentic, anonymous feedback from every employee. Responses are then combined into one comprehensive report that analyzes the data across 5 core performance areas:

1. Company Culture
2. Operations
3. Leadership
4. Training
5. Customer Service

Quickly identify core performance strengths and concerns and see the GAPs that negatively impact success.

Performance Gap Indicator makes it easy to compare responses across optional demographics including management versus non-management, tenure, and more…all in one report.

Performance Gap Indicator company-wide performance assessment online performance analysis

How does PGI quantify performance across 5 core areas?

Verifiable Company Performance Improvement In 3 Easy Steps

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Identify, Measure, and Bust the GAPs

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Drive Greater Value for Your Clients and
Additional Revenue for Your Business

Performance Gap Indicator is the FIRST and ONLY company-wide assessment available on a secure online platform trusted by thousands of consultants. Plus, PGI is designed to perfectly complement core assessments that you already use!

PGI combines anonymous employee responses from its 45-question mobile-friendly survey into one comprehensive company-wide performance report. Pricing is per report, by employee volume. Suggested retail value is designed to double your investment every time.

A great diagnostic assessment, PGI’s real power is when used as a pre and post ROI validation tool. It’s twice the data and value for your clients, and twice the revenue for your business. See how below!

PGI Pricing Scenarios

10 Person Company PGI Pre-Assessment

ServiceSuggested Retail PriceConsultant CostProfit Potential
Standard Set-Up$797$0$797
PGI Pre-Assessment$997-$497$500
Standard Debrief & Company Report$1,997$0$1,997

98 Person Company With 13 Locations

ServiceSuggested Retail PriceConsultant CostProfit Potential
Standard Set-Up$797$0$797
Custom Set-Up$497$0$497
PGI Assessment$3,787-$1,892$1,895
Standard Debrief & Company Report$1,997$0$1,997
Multiple Location Reports$250 x 13$0$3,250

PGI Profit Calculator

Enter your client company size to determine your PGI pricing. Then, add your consulting service rates to calculate your total profit potential.

Confirm ROI by implementing a second PGI post-assessment.

Instantly, double your value and your profit potential.

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