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Enter your info. See how top companies may be getting it wrong, & learn to stop wasting your efforts with unsuccessful service strategies.

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Get the 7 Myths of Service. See how top companies may be getting it wrong, & learn to stop wasting your efforts with unsuccessful service strategies.

Berkana – Your Solution is Our Passion!

BERKANA IS YOUR SECRET WEAPON! Working behind the scenes, we ease your burden and help you to reach your goals in less time, and with less hassle. If there’s a better way for your employees to work together, and a more impactful way for leaders to provide bottom line results…we find it.

Every solution that we provide is designed to increase an opportunity, decrease a threat, and solve a problem.

For 20 years, Berkana has focused on two essential elements of successful businesses; Exceptional Service and Extraordinary Leadership. At the core, both are about making a personal connection, the skill to anticipate needs, and the ability to keep cool when situations heat up.

Our clients call Team Berkana fanatical collaborators because of our commitment to deliver Innovative Performance Solutions, not over-the-counter remedies and temporary fixes. We believe that no one knows your business better than you. This strongly held belief drives us to tap into your knowledge and experience and co-create a truly customized experience specifically designed to address your current business objectives and goals.

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BERKANA PRODUCTS    Innovative Solutions for Individual & Organizational Performance

Service Academy – Earning the right to be called an Exceptional Service Provider goes far beyond being polite. Elite ESP organizations develop the discipline to execute amazing service for every guest…every time, regardless of the current circumstances. Learn what it takes to establish a culture of Exceptional Service in your organization.

The Art of Speech – Captivate your audience and create a compelling presence when giving a presentation to the board or speaking to a conference of thousands. Taught as a two-day, customized facilitator-led program with post workshop coaching sessions, this dynamic program helps you learn how to master your message content, increase your vocal impact, and claim your stage presence.

Leading From the Middle – Empowerment for your middle management. This program equips mid-level leadership with the needed power tools to increase their 360º impact. Frequently pulled in all directions, learn to balance leading teams while managing the added pressure of demands from lateral peer groups and upper management. Effectively lead from the middle and experience the true power of influence.

Grey Matters! – With each rung of the corporate ladder comes added responsibility and an integral need to master focus and clarity. Mindful leaders move beyond distraction with decisive purpose, creativity, compassion, and courage. You will learn to overcome difficult challenges, prioritize time, and reflect on what’s most important. When attention aligns with intention amazing things happen!

HR Consulting – Elite organizations integrate their vision, mission and values within their processes to create a seamless internal experience. Align your ‘behind the scenes’ structure to support your client facing efforts. From the interview, through talent management to the possible exit interview, learn how to optimize your entire employee lifecycle.

Performance Coaching – Too often, success comes with a high personal price tag. More than just your job or your business, you wonder about the life you’re living…or not living. Whether you simply feel stuck or are on fire and ready to move to the next level, Berkana coaches are all about blasting through barriers in order to move forward, in less time with less hassle.

Go Offsite – Get out of your element and gain fresh perspectives using a highly innovative program format with a variety of accelerated learning methodologies. Unplug and engage with customized peak experiences grounded in collaboration and communication, and a tailored action plan to address your current issues. Return to your organization renewed, refreshed and realigned. The only question is…is your team ready?

5 Star Trek – Your mission: to explore strange, new hospitality providers; to seek out new ideas and new inspiration; to boldly go where no exceptional service has gone before! Compete in teams to accomplish engaging challenges and mission objectives designed to enhance service awareness and capture ideas for your own organization.

BERKANA BLOG    Get Savvy – Think big. Move fast. Make it count.

Values: What
Do You Believe In?

If you are an entrepreneur or a decision maker in business, you probably have had the task of identifying your values. What does your business stand for? What can your customers and clients expect every time they come into contact with your brand? Your brand conveys your values… even when you aren’t purposefully putting them out there…your customers experience them with each point of contact. Read more…


Upon turning 50, (how did that happen…50? ) I have been reflecting on who I am and how I show up in the world. A life untended can easily slip into unconscious habits and perhaps a few deep ruts. There have been times in my life when, without realizing it, I was simply on autopilot. Going through my daily activities and responsibilities without really taking charge of my experience. I am guessing a couple of you also have had similar realizations. Read more…

Compete Against
Your Best Self

Years ago, I had a business partner who was a former world-class runner. When we would talk about his days of Olympic trial races, he would explain he was very clear he had not been competing with the other runners. He knew he wasn’t running against Michael Johnson, he was running against the ticking of the clock. He was in fact, competing with his best selfRead more…

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